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Reducing reoffending and changing lives
The London Community Rehabilitation Company works with offenders to help them lead responsible and law abiding lives.
Our over-riding aim is to reduce reoffending and protect the public.
Been Sentenced?

I’m being sentenced to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order, what can I expect?

  • If you are sentenced by a court to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order, you will be seen in court by a Probation Officer who will explain the terms of your sentence.
  • Do not leave court without contacting the Court Probation Officer.
  • The Court Probation Officer will tell you which probation office to report to and arrange your first appointment, either with your offender manager and/or your Community Payback case manager.
  • You must keep this appointment or you risk being re-arrested and returned to court.


I’m being sentenced to time in Prison, what can I expect?

  • If you are sentenced by a court to more than one day in custody, you will spend part of the sentence in Prison and part on licence in the community.  For offences committed from 1 February 2014 you will always have a minimum of 12 months in the community with Probation services regardless of the length of time spent in Prison.
  • Upon release Prison staff will issue you with your licence telling you which probation office to report to for your first appointment with your offender manager
  • You must keep this appointment or you risk being re-arrested and returned to Prison.


Your first appointment

At your first appointment you will meet your offender manager who will explain the details of your sentence and give you a list of appointments.

  • You must turn up for all appointments on time and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You must tell your offender manager if you plan to change your address or phone number.
  • If you miss an appointment or break the rules without good reason your offender manager will give you a final warning.
  • If you miss an appointment or break the rules for a second time you will be taken back to court and could be sent to prison.


Community Payback

Community Payback gives local communities the opportunity to suggest suitable areas for offenders to improve as part of their Community Order. Community Payback projects include:

  • Litter removal
  • Clearing dense undergrowth
  • Environmental improvements
  • Repairing and redecorating community centres
  • Removing graffiti.

If you have been sentenced to carry out Community Payback, you must wear suitable clothing.  We will provide high-visibility jackets so that the public know where and when Community Payback work is being done.  You will also be given any other specialist protective clothing you may need such as wellingtons or a hard hat. Community Payback Community Payback Leaflet for offenders

Community Compact

The Community Compact is a high level agreement, or contract, between the Community Rehabilitation Company, the offender manager, and the offender. It sets out a series of mutual expectations and standards of behaviour while the offender is subject to a Community Order, Suspended Sentence Order, or a licence. The compact details the offender’s rights, and what they can expect from us during their supervisory period. Community Compact Example

Employment and Skills and Next Step

For offenders sentenced to Unpaid Work, the National Careers Service within Community Payback units provides employment and skills information and advice. This nationally available service enables individuals to obtain the latest career advice empowering them to make informed choices about how to improve their skills and look at gaining Employment. For further information, offenders can pick up a leaflet at their local office or contact their offender manager. Information on National Careers Service Employment and Skills for offenders page

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