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Reducing reoffending and changing lives
The London Community Rehabilitation Company works with offenders to help them lead responsible and law abiding lives.
Our over-riding aim is to reduce reoffending and protect the public.
Supplying to London Community Rehabilitation Company

There are two main routes to supplying us with the goods and services it requires to deliver its offender services effectively:


1) Tenders

The Corporate Procurement Unit is committed to stimulating competition through the market and promoting transparency and fairness.  It encourages all tenders from £10,000 to be notified on the pan-Government portal, ‘Contracts Finder’.   We advertise all relevant opportunities over the European Union threshold in accordance with European Commission Directive 2004/18/EEC and the Public Contract Regulations 2006.


2) Collaborative Framework Agreements

We are committed to working collaboratively with other public sector bodies and utilise collaborative pre-tendered framework arrangements.  Frameworks can offer an alternative to resource intensive and repetitive cross government tendering.  Framework agreements are only utilised after scrutiny to ensure that a quality procurement process has been completed and value for money offered.

We use a wide range of pan-Government framework agreements, including the Government Procurement Service and local contracting authorities (e.g. ESPO, LCSG).  Suppliers interested in supplying through these should contact the relevant owning contracting authority.


Tendering support

Many suppliers, especially small businesses and voluntary and community organisations face a challenge in submitting robust tender bids capable of winning.  These organisations may benefit from buying in support from experienced bid writers or visiting the following website.


Contract Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed and signed by the Parties, and as also referenced in any relevant purchase order, standard terms and conditions shall apply.

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