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Reducing reoffending and changing lives
The London Community Rehabilitation Company works with offenders to help them lead responsible and law abiding lives.
Our over-riding aim is to reduce reoffending and protect the public.
What We Do
Service user and probation officer

We work with offenders aged 18 and over who have been either sentenced by the courts to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order, or released on licence from prison to serve the rest of their sentence in the community.

Under the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014, we continue to supervise ex-offenders for a 12 month period after release from prison.

From 1 February 2015, we have introduced ‘Through the Gate’  services for those sentenced to less than 12 months in prison – those who are at greatest risk of re-offending. These services include housing, employment, finance and debt advice.

We are a key partner in Integrated Offender Management – which brings together local agencies to target offenders causing most concern to communities.

Our skilled and experienced staff work with offenders to turn their lives around and protect the public.  We have particular expertise in working with gang members and women offenders.

We work closely with other organisations to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

We also deliver Restorative Justice which gives victims the chance to tell offenders the real impact of their crime, to get answers to their questions, and an apology.


Our aims

  •  Reduce re-offending and protect the public
  •  Enforce community sentences which punish and rehabilitate offenders
  •  Provide innovative services
  •  Manage risk and influence positive change in offenders’ behaviour.
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