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Reducing reoffending and changing lives
The London Community Rehabilitation Company works with offenders to help them lead responsible and law abiding lives.
Our over-riding aim is to reduce reoffending and protect the public.
Information for Victims

Victim Liaison OfficerIf you have been a victim of a serious sexual or violent crime, and the offender has been sentenced to more than 12 months in custody, you have the right to receive information and consultation from the National Probation Service.


You will be contacted by letter by our Victim Liaison Service, and it is your decision whether you choose to receive the service.


If you take up our service:

  • You have the right to be told about the timescales of a sentence and key points in the sentence which might affect you
  • You have the right to be consulted about concerns you may have when the offender is being considered for release
  • You can ask that your views about conditions to be included in the release licence are taken into account
  • You will be told the month when the offender is going to be released, the general area where the offender will be living and the licence conditions which may affect you
  • Once the offender is released from prison you can contact your Victim Liaison Officer if you have any concerns while the offender is on licence.


Past victims who have used our service have said:


  • ‘For myself it is very reassuring to know if in the future if I need your help in any way you are there for me to contact.  Thank you so very much.’


  • ‘The Victim Liaison Officer was professional, friendly and had a keen ear to listen to issues raised.’


  • ‘Very supportive. And a great sense of no time restraints to talk.’


  • ‘Just so relieved that your service exists.  Thank you.’


Contact the Victims Liaison Service


If you have already been allocated a Victim Liaison Officer, please use the details in the letter you were originally sent.

Alternatively, please email:


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